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New Lambton Occupational Therapy

We help children with Sensory Processing Issues, Handwriting Challenges, Emotional Regulation & School Readiness

A child’s earliest years are filled with many milestones and developments that all contribute towards their cognitive, social, and physical growth. From the moment a child is born, the first few years of their life are crucial for brain development, especially if the child needs support to develop optimally. In this case, Happy Dots Occupational Therapy for Children can help you.

Happy Dots is a pediatric clinic that offers Occupational Therapy for children. We can help children reach their goals by following a guided therapy plan and sessions for them. Some of the issues we can help with are sensory processing Issues, handwriting challenges, emotional regulation & school readiness. We offer Initial Assessments to plan your child’s therapy and discuss their strengths and weaknesses and their goals.

After the assessment, an Individual Therapy Session may be recommended for your child. These sessions are designed to work directly with your child to promote skill level and confidence. Happy Dots Occupational Therapy also offers Meet and Greet Sessions, Review Assessments, Group Therapy Programs, School Screenings, School Visits, and a wonderful range of products available via our online store.

We are located across 3 clinic locations – Cardiff, New Lambton & Medowie.

Initial Assessments

An initial assessment is booked for 90 minutes where a series of specifically chosen standardised and non-standardised tests are carried out on your child.

Meet & Greet Session

Our meet & greet sessions are designed for those families who may not be sure on whether or not OT will be best suited to them.

Review Assessment

We feel that it is important to conduct review assessments for children who have participated in therapy on an ongoing basis.

Individual Therapy

Following an assessment, individual therapy sessions of 45-minutes each may be recommended for your child.

School Screenings

Screenings can be conducted at various schools and preschools upon request. An Occupational Therapist will come to you on site, and screen each child.

Group therapy

Our group therapy programs include school readiness programs, music and movement groups, Motor Skills groups, fussy eating groups and social skills groups.

School Visits

School-based therapy is beneficial for the child as it allows for a direct relationship between the therapist and the teacher. *School visits are subject to availability.

OT Resources

We stock a wide variety of OT based resources & products that we feel your child would benefit from a result of attending our therapy sessions. Available both in clinic and online!

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