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At Happy Dots, we understand that going to a clinic can be a hassle for you and your child. Don’t worry because Happy Dots can come to you! Home visit occupational therapy provides the same services as those rendered in the clinic. Unlike going to the clinic, OT home visits are conducted at your home without any travel time and hassle at your end. It is also a good opportunity for the occupational therapist to know the client’s home environment, helping the child’s overall therapy process. 

In an OT home visit, occupational therapists may conduct an assessment to understand the child’s daily routine better. Discussing what and how specific tasks can be difficult for the child is also considered. Furthermore, the therapist will assess the child’s motor skills, coordination, endurance, and even social skills. 

Here at Happy Dots, we are able to offer home visit occupational therapy on a regular basis, or as a one-off consultancy based visit to help set up strategies for your home environment. Want us to visit? Book an appointment with us now!

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