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A child’s main occupation is to play. Play serves as an integral part of a child’s growth as it can develop the cognitive, social-emotional, and self-regulatory aspects of children. Therefore, toys and activities also help the child grow. Meanwhile, our Happy Dots’ occupational therapists have one goal to focus on. It is to meet the client’s to reach functional goals.

Here at Happy Dots, we stock a wide variety of occupational therapy toys that would provide the children with various developmental outcomes that can contribute to their learning, social, and academic skills. OT resources are not just toys as each of them also has a function to help the children with their therapy. 

Our occupational therapy resources look like toys, but they are also useful tools to build functional skills, support sensory integration therapy, problem-solving skills. Examples of products include chewy tubes, body socks, pencil grips, move & seat cushions, visual timers, a wide range of books & more! Resources are available from our clinics directly.

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