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Our lives keep getting busier and busier by the day, which gives parents less time to spend with their children especially to help with occupational therapy. Having your child attend school-based therapy services can significantly help both the parents and child. 

School-based occupational therapy has many advantages. It is beneficial to the child, allowing a direct relationship between the therapist and teacher. This way, they can collaborate to help with the child’s therapy needs by discussing any learning or developmental difficulties the child might have. 

Many of the child’s skills can develop in a school-based setting, whether it’s self-regulation, social skills, or handwriting. In a school-based therapy environment, handwriting and fine-motor skills are the main areas that are worked on. Moreover, the therapist will witness the child’s progress first-hand and see if they are improving their development and reaching key developmental milestones during their therapy sessions. 

Our occupational therapists love working in schools that promote the collaborative approach towards a child’s learning and value the contribution made by all those involved with the child. 

Our entire team here at Happy Dots want the best outcome for your child. Call us now to give your child a happy and healthy environment for their therapy.

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