Navigating Sensory Meltdowns: Identifying Signs and Offering Support 

Sensory meltdowns can be overwhelming for both children and their caregivers. These intense reactions can occur when sensory input overwhelms a child’s ability to process it, leading to emotional and behavioural outbursts. In this blog, we’ll delve into the world of sensory meltdowns, how to recognise the signs, and effective strategies to provide much-needed support.  […]

What You Need to Know about Gross Motor Skills

Have you noticed that your child is struggling with activities that involves large movements, like throwing a ball? If so, you may have heard that your child has trouble with gross motor skills. Gross motor skills are skills that allow children to do things that involves the use of the large muscles in the torso, […]

6 Benefits of Rough & Tumble Play

“Play is the only way the highest intelligence of humankind can unfold.” -Joseph Chilton Pearce Children love to play wrestling, tickling, chasing, pushing, pulling, and being bounced, swung, or lifted.  This type of play is called rough and tumble play. Rough and tumble play has been defined as physically vigorous behaviors, such as chase and […]

Does Your Child Need Occupational Therapy?

At Happy Dots Occupational Therapy for Children we provide services to help children develop age-­‐appropriate self-­‐care, play, leisure and school related skills. Through the use of purposeful activities our therapists help children develop their skills and achieve the maximum level of independence. But how do you know if your child needs Occupational Therapy? These are […]

Occupational Therapy Red Flags

THE FOLLOWING ARE OCCUPATIONAL THERAPY RED FLAGS FOR REFERRAL:  Delayed Fine Motor Skills (skills requiring use of small muscles in the hand) – has difficulty playing with age-­appropriate toys with multiple or small pieces; may have poor handwriting; may have difficulty self-­‐feeding with a utensil; has poor eye-­hand coordination Delayed Gross Motor Skills (skills requiring […]

What is Telehealth and why consider it for your child?

How to help your child to achieve their goals during the Covid-19 pandemic. A lot has changed during these past few days due to the rapid spread of the Covid-19 virus. There have been several recommendations to stop or flatten the curve of the said virus and one of them is, social distancing. This had […]

What are Fine Motor Skills and Why is it important?

We always see and hear about fine motor skills being important in every child’s development. But what are they exactly and why are they so vital? Fine Motor Skills are the skills achieved using the “fine” or little muscles on the fingers, hands, and wrists.  Children use their fine motor skills when writing, holding small […]

6 Stages of Play and Why They are Important for your child’s development

Kids playing outdoor

According to Albert Einstein, “Play is the highest form of research”. We once thought play is just having fun and is mindless. But research shows that even in play children are learning. Children can not only learn about science, math and engineering through play, but they can also learn important social skills while playing. Children […]

What Is Interoception?

What Is Interoception

Interoception is a sense that allows us to notice internal body signals like a growling stomach, racing heart, tense muscles or full bladder. When we notice these body signals our brain uses them as clues to our emotions. Interoception helps us to feel many important emotions including: INTEROCEPTION AND SELF-REGULATION Having trouble with this sense […]