Handwriting Therapy for Children

Is your child’s handwriting messy, not as polished as their peers or inconsistent? Is your child also avoiding writing tasks? If you answered yes to one or all of these, your child might need handwriting therapy. Handwriting therapy, also known as occupational therapy for handwriting, is a form of therapy that focuses on improving a […]

Developmental Milestones for Pre-Writing Skills

What are Pre-Writing Skills? Pre-writing skills are the lines and strokes children need to know and master before they learn to write the alphabet. It is like an introduction to writing. What are the Developmental Milestones for pre-Writing Skills? The lines and strokes are developed in a sequence basing on how old the child is. […]

10 OT activities to improve finger strength

Finger strength is important as it is required for many everyday activities such as doing up buttons and zips, handwriting, drawing, and picking up things. It is essential that kids have appropriate finger strength for them to have the confidence to play, write, draw and achieve other classroom activities.  Here are 10 OT activities that […]