Therapy Services
for Children

What We Offer

We offer a variety of different services at Happy Dots, from individual sessions, to
group therapy programs, to home visits, school visits and more. Click on the
heading below to explore more about each of the services we offer.

Initial Assessments

An initial assessment is booked for 90 minutes where a series of specifically chosen standardised and non-standardised tests are carried out on your child.

Meet & Greet Session

Our meet & greet sessions are designed for those families who may not be sure on whether or not OT will be best suited to them.

Review Assessment

We feel that it is important to conduct review assessments for children who have participated in therapy on an ongoing basis.

Home Visits

We are able to offer home visits on a regular basis, or as a one off consultancy based visit to help set up strategies for your home environment. Home visits are subject to availability & location.


Telehealth options are available to families who live out of area or can not get to the clinic for a face-to-face appointment.


We are excited to provide community outreach therapy to rural areas. Please enquire if this is something you are interested in


FaHCSIA Funding

Happy Dots is a member of the Early Intervention Service Provider Panel and provides FaHCSIA funded services to eligible children. Up to $12,000 is available for children 0-7yrs with a diagnosed Autism Spectrum Disorders. Happy Dots is a provider of the Fahcsia funding!

Helping Children with Autism Initiative (children aged 7-15yrs old)

For Children who have a diagnosis of Autism or other Pervasive Developmental Disorder (including Asperger’s.) Medicare provides rebates of $70.65 for up to 20 Occupational Therapy sessions. You will need to contact your Paediatrician or Psychiatrist before your Occupational Therapy Assessment to access this funding.

Chronic Disease Management Plan (CDM)

This Medicare scheme allows up to 5 subsidised sessions for allied health professionals, such as Occupational Therapy, within each calendar year. The child must initially be referred from a GP or Paediatrician in order to utilise the Medicare rebate of $53.80 per session. Rebate may be more for those families who have reached their safety net

Better Access to Mental Health Care Initiative

This plan is set up by a Paediatrician or Psychiatrist for children with autism or any other pervasive developmental disorder. The plan consists of up to 10 Individual therapy sessions & 10 group therapy sessions. Children between the ages of 6 years to 15 years are eligible for this benefit. Rebate of $72.80 or more may apply depending on your safety net.

Private Health Funds

Our therapists are authorised providers for most private health funds. In order to find out whether rebates are available the family must first contact their private health fund to confirm that your plan covers Occupational Therapy services. We have HICAPS available across all of our clinic sites to ensure easy on the spot claiming.

Services for People of Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander Descent

People of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander decent can access Medicare rebates of $53.80 for 5 Occupational Therapy sessions per calendar year in addition to the Medicare Chronic Disease Management plan.

Better Start Initiative for Children with a Disability

Under the Better Start for Children with Disability (Better Start) initiative – Cerebral Palsy, Down syndrome, Fragile X Syndrome and vision or hearing impairments, including deaf blindness will be considered for eligibility. This funding includes up to $12,000 in funding for early intervention services and treatments for eligible children. Happy Dots is also a provider of Better Start funding!

National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS)

NDIS is the National Disability Insurance Agency – a new way of providing community linking and individualised support for people with permanent and significant disability, their families and carers. Funding varies according to individual circumstances so please call 1800 800 110 for more information on how this funding would apply to you.

Australian Defence Force (ADF) Family Health Program

A government initiative for dependents of the Australian Defence Force that provides $400 per family member per year to be used on allied health services such as Occupational Therapy. This allowance can be used in addition to your usual private health allowance. To register for the Program the ADF member must complete Web Form AD858-1 ADF Family Health, which can be found here.

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