(Preschool & School Aged)

Screenings can be conducted at various schools and preschools upon request. An Occupational Therapist will come to you on site, and screen each child across a range of developmental areas. Areas that occupational therapists can complete screening assessments on include sensory, fine motor, gross motor, visual perceptual skills, etc). Areas that speech pathologists can complete screening assessments on include speech, language, and literacy.  A screening report is then written which is sent to the parent and/or carer with recommendations & suggestions. Post-screening offers include group therapy, resource recommendations, parent education & teacher professional developmental workshops.

Other Services

Initial Assessments

An initial assessment is booked for 90 minutes where a series of specifically chosen standardised and non-standardised tests are carried out on your child.

Meet & Greet Session

Our meet & greet sessions are designed for those families who may not be sure on whether or not OT will be best suited to them.

Review Assessment

We feel that it is important to conduct review assessments for children who have participated in therapy on an ongoing basis.


Telehealth options are available to families who live out of area or can not get to the clinic for a face-to-face appointment.


We are excited to provide community outreach therapy to rural areas. Please enquire if this is something you are interested in.

Speech Therapy

Unlock the power of communication with our Speech Therapy services. Our dedicated team of certified speech-language pathologists is here to support individuals of all ages in developing effective communication skills.

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