What are Fine Motor Skills and Why is it important?

We always see and hear about fine motor skills being important in every child’s development. But what are they exactly and why are they so vital?

Fine Motor Skills are the skills achieved using the “fine” or little muscles on the fingers, hands, and wrists.  Children use their fine motor skills when writing, holding small items, buttoning clothing, turning pages, tying shoelaces, eating, cutting with scissors, and using computer keyboards.

Children develop at different rates. But there are milestones they generally meet at certain ages as indicated in the Fine Motor Development chart below:


However, there are some children who struggle with these skills. Ongoing trouble with fine motor skills will affect their academic skills (writing, cutting, and drawing) and self-care skills (dressing, eating, and hygiene).

Children going through these troubles can be helped with occupational therapy given by certified occupational therapists such as Happy Dots Occupational Therapy for Children. Happy Dots provides individualised, fun, motivating and age appropriate activities both given within the clinic, school, and home environment.

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