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What is developmental coordination disorder (DCD)?

From Preschool to Big School- How can we help?

core strength children

Core Strength- Why Is It So Important?

Do we have 5, 7 or 8 sensory systems?

sensory toys

Benefits of Sensory Play for Children

5 Ways to Improve Fine Motor Skills Using Every Day Items

What You Need to Know about Gross Motor Skills

Is Your Child Big School Ready?

Benefits of Weighted Items

10 Reasons Why you should consider a career as an OT with Happy Dots?

What is Executive Functioning

What is Executive Functioning?

6 Benefits of Rough & Tumble Play

Occupational Therapy Red Flags

Does Your Child Need Occupational Therapy?

What is Telehealth and why consider it for your child?

Have Fun With Us This April!

What are Fine Motor Skills and Why is it important?

Kids playing outdoor

6 Stages of Play and Why They are Important for your child’s development

What Is Interoception

What Is Interoception?

Join us this January for a fun and exciting time!

10 Tips for A Successful First Occupational Therapy Visit for You and Your Child

Have a fantastic time with us this October!

Developmental Milestones for Pre-Writing Skills

Join us for a fun and exciting school holidays this July!

Why is Early Intervention important?

We Love What We Do!

7 Benefits of Outdoor Play

April School Holiday Program OUT NOW!


6 Signs You Have a Great Paediatric OT

10 OT activities to improve finger strength

10 things you may or may not know an OT can work on with your child

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